Shri Sultan Chand Memorial Scholarship

Two Endowments are instituted by Shri Sultan Chand Trust, New Delhi. The Endowments are of Rs. One Lakh (Rs.50,000/- each). The annual interest of Rs.250 each per month will be awarded every year to a student of II B.Com., who secures the highest percentage of Marks in I B.Com., and to a Student of III B.Com., who secures the highest percentage of marks in II B.Com.

Scholarships sanctioned by the Director of Collegiate Education, Chennai:

1. National Merit Scholarships-Government of India Scheme

2. State Scholarship to Children of State Teachers

3. State Government Merit Scholarship Scheme

4. Freedom Fighters Scholarship

5. Children of Defence Service Personnel

6. The Children of Repatriates from Sri Lanka

7. National Loan Scholarship

8. Adhoc Merit Grant Scheme

9. State Collegiate Scholarship

Fee Concessions

All Students satisfying Rule 92, M.E.R. are eligible for full or half Concession of tuition fees.The production of Certificate of Income of the parent or guardian in the form prescribed in Appendix 18 shall be insisted on in all cases of grant of fee concessions. The Certificates should be issued by an officer of the Revenue Department not lower in rank than Deputy Tahsildar or Sub- Magistrate, Gazetted Officer or an Inspector of Police.

In the income certificate the father alone should sign if he is alive. If not the mother should sign. If both the parents are not alive the guardian can sign. Concession will ordinarily be restricted to those who are native of Tamilnadu or domiciled therein.

Students Aid-fund is built up with the contribution of Rs.3/- by every student

The fund shall be known as the ‘Rajapalayam Rajus’ College Students Fund’. The object of this fund is to render financial assistance to poor and deserving students to meet their tuition fee or examination fees or to purchase books or meet similar other expenses. Limited assistance may be given to the students to meet their hostel mess, clothing or medical expenses if their needs are considered genuine.

The G.O.M.S. No.660 Education dated 22.4.1979 applies to all students who are entitled to get the educational concessions and scholarships granted by the Education Department from the academic year 1979-80 onwards.

75%Attendance for Eligibility of Scholarships

Students who are eligible for all kinds of Scholarship (Residential and Non-residential) awarded both by the Harijan and Tribal Welfare and Backward Class Departments should submit a declaration along with the application for admission to the effect that they agree to attend the College regularly and they are aware of the fact that they should put in not less than 75% of the term days in a year. If it is not satisfied, the scholarship will be withheld even though the student may satisfy the other criteria. This percentage may be relaxed in cases of student sickness if certified by competent medical authorities.