Code of Conduct - Principal

Code of Conduct - Principal

• The Principal is the academic and administrative head of the institute and works for the growth of the institute. He will implement the policies approved by the Governing Body, the highest decision making body of the college. He shall achieve coordination among various statutory committees and non-statutory bodies including Academic Council.

• He is the Ex-officio member of Governing Body, Chairman of Academic Council, Chairman of Finance committee and also Chief Controller of the Examinations. He monitors admissions, examinations, evaluation for smooth functioning of the system.

• He is authorised to nominate Deans, Co-ordinators, members and other administration functionaries in various functionaries in the administration, with the approval of Governing Body.

• To conduct the meetings of the Governing Body as per the stipulated guidelines.

• To hold Academic Council meetings as per the norms.

• To coordinate and motivate the faculty, administrative authorities and the supporting staff, so that to play their respective roles more effectively.

• Shall work for the common goal of providing effective technical education and guiding to enable the students to carve out promising career and lifelong learning.

• He is the spokesperson of the institution and shall take part in regional, national and international conventions in serving the cause of development of technical education in particular.

• He, along with all the staff working under him, is singularly and collectively responsible to the Governing Body, Academic council, University, State Government, UGC, students and parents for the smooth and effective functioning of the college.