Code of Conduct - Non Teaching


i. On academic matters the Principal is generally guided by the rules and regulation as well as the norms laid down by Madurai Kamaraj University, UGC, State Government, College Managing Board and Governing Body of the college.

ii. Shall be assisted by Vice-Principal, various Heads of the department, Deans (Academic), senior faculty members and various committees mentioned in the manual.

iii. In matters related to decision implementation, Principal will be assisted by the Governing Body, IQAC and Academic Council of the college.

iv. In matter of admission, admission committee will assist the Principal.

v. In matters related to academic work, he will be assisted by the Deans (Academic) and Head of the departments.

vi. An integrated time table of the entire institution shall be prepared and submitted to the Principal. In this endeavour, coordinators of time-tables, along with the various heads of the departments extend support to the Principal.

vii. Shall closely observe various academic activities like conduct of technical fests, conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

viii. Shall closely monitor the class work as per the time tables and the almanac with assistance of class work coordinators and other faculty in-charges.

ix. Shall hold meetings of Heads of departments to review the progress of academic work and suggest effective measures to achieve desired academic outcome.

x. If necessary, shall instruct the class work coordinators and Heads of the departments to conduct remedial classes academically to support the slow learners.

xi. In matters related to internal examination, semester and examination (both theory and laboratory), result analysis, detained candidates, Principal will be assisted by Controller of examinations, Joint Controller of Examinations and Dean-Internal of the college.

xii. In matters related to student attendance, drop outs, medical condonation, Principal gets assistance from concern Teacher.

xiii. The Principal should plan for Training Need Analysis (TNA) of the staff and devise training programmes such as refresher courses, orientation courses, Faculty Improvement Programmes, Quality Enhancement Programmes etc.

xiv. Principal shall also ensure quality assurance and he should be assisted by Coordinator, IQAC.

xv. Shall monitor, evaluate research, development and consultancy activities. Coordinator, Research should assist the Principal in this matter. He should advise the faculty members to get sponsored research projects from various funding agencies.

xvi. The Principal should promote industry-institute interaction for better employability to the students.

xvii. Shall promote Internal Revenue Generation (IRC) activities with the help of the staff and students.

xviii. Arrange finishing school for the students with the active association of placement and Training Officer.

xix. Shall efforts to look after overall welfare of staff and students.

xx. For effective functioning of the college he shall build close rapport between staff, students and management.

xxi. Shall ensure perfect order and discipline among all the staff concerned and ensure serene academic environment in the campus.

xxii. Shall maintain regular, right and appropriate contacts and interaction with government, UGC, AICTE, TANSCHE, etc.

xxiii. Shall involve faculty members at different levels for various institutional activities.