Code of Conduct - Teaching


Teaching is a noble profession. It needs devotion, sincerity, and perseverance. It certainly adds to the pride and prestige of the teaching profession if teachers perform he duties conscientiously and observe certain simple rules of conduct, which are commonly accepted as professional codes of conduct.

Our college Committee has defined a few standards of conduct to be observed by teachers. Adherence to this set of codes does not in any way mean that the freedom of teachers is being curtailed. These standards of conduct have been defined with sole aim of improving the standard and reputation of our college among the academia and the student community in particular, and the society in general.


Punctuality is very essential for a teacher. In this regard he/she shall make himself/herself an example to students.

a) A Teacher shall be present in his/her department at 9.55 a.m in the morning session, HOD shall be present in 9.50 a.m. and they can leave after 5 p.m

b) A Teacher shall engage his/her classes regularly and punctually as per the timetable framed by the HOD and approved by the Principal.

c) A Teacher shall make himself/herself available whenever he/she is needed for consultation or discussion on various matters that come up in the institution.


a) A Teacher’s academic duties shall include guidance and instruction to students in the form of tutorials/seminars/laboratory work/assessment / conducting tests & examination / invigilation / evaluation work assigned to him / her by competent authorities of the college.
b) A Teacher shall participate fully and enthusiastically in the campus life and shall perform any other curricular, co-curricular, and extra curricular work assigned to him/her from time to time by the appropriate college authorities.
c) A teacher shall continually improve his/her academic excellence by doing research work and / or acquiring additional academic qualifications.
d) HOD shall nominate a teacher for every class in his/her department as class teacher-in charge to the office at the beginning of the academic year. The class teacher-in-charge shall be wholly responsible for guiding, tracking and evaluating the students’ all round progress in academic, extra-curricular, and co-curricular activities.
e) A Teacher shall speak in the class room preferably in English except in Part I Tamil classes and in Tamil medium Courses. Outside the classroom also a Teacher may speak to students in English with a view to improve the students’ communication skill in English.
f) If a Teacher finds it difficult to complete the syllabi within the prescribed academic schedule, he/she shall handle special / extra classes to finish the same.
g) A Teacher shall assess impartially the performance of students. He/she shall not indulge in over-making or under-marking. Victimization of the students by giving low marks or grades is a professionally very unethical practice.
h) If students are found to be poor and weak in their subject, the Teacher shall give them special coaching and shall help them in all possible way. He/She shall give special attention / training to brilliant students to motivate them to excel academically.


a) A Teacher shall emphasize and ensure perfect discipline among the students within and outside the classroom. In case of any student unrest, he/she shall help pacify the students and restore order and discipline in the campus.
b) A Teacher shall not refuse to carry out the decision(s) of the administrative and academic bodies of the college.
c) A Teacher shall perform diligently all work assigned to him/her from time to time by the higher authorities of the college.
d) Teacher shall not without prior permission restore to any type of agitational expressions inside or in front of the college, or suspend their work seeking redressal of their grievances.
e) A Teacher shall promote an atmosphere conductive to learning. He/She shall form a wholesome relationship with students. Our college is an institution of co-education. Hence he/she shall advise and persuade the students to behave in such a manner that will safeguard the name and reputation of the institution as well as the teachers.
f) A Teacher shall ensure that his/her students wear their ID cards when they are in the college campus.
g) A Teacher shall avoid using cell phone during class hours.


a) Teachers shall, in appearance, distinguish themselves from the students. They shall wear such dresses that enhance their dignity and prestige.
b) Ladies teachers may wear overcoat above the saree.
c) Teacher shall wear the identity card during the functions and participation in the curricular/co-curricular/extra-curricular activities in the college and during his/her meetings with the higher authorities in the college.


a) It is responsibility of the HOD to adjust and ensure that the classes are adjusted fully before recommending/forwarding the CL/OD applications.
b) After getting HOD signature a Teacher can give the Casual leave/permission letter directly to the Concern Officer Clerk.
c) A Teacher shall avail the one-hour permission to leave the campus only during the morning first hour or the last hour in the evening and not any of the hours in between.
d) Prior permission for OD/EL shall be sought one clear working day in advance. A Teacher shall attach the call letter along with his/her OD application.
e) A maximum of 50% of the total strength of the faculty in a department is allowed to avail CL/EL/UEL/OD/RH at a time. A fraction in calculation may be treated as the nearest whole number.
f) Teacher shall not avoid attending any of our college functions. Prior permission may be sought for his/her absence from the functions.